The Exchange Programme in Bulgaria
We Want To Be Free

Between 13 and 20 July 2012 seven people participated in the exchange programme in Bulgaria from Hungary. Fanni Czene and Emília Tóth, class 11.F, Adrienn Dubrán and Anett Hajdú, class 10.F, students of Kálmán Mikszáth Secondary Grammar School in Pásztó and Liliána Hajas, student of Pásztorvölgyi Secondary Grammar School in Eger. As an adult leader Dalma Bogdán, class 13.F helped me. Representatives of five countries participated in this multilateral exchange programme; besides Bulgaria and Hungary, young people from Rumania, Spain and Portugal also took part in it.

We could take part in the exchange programme within the Youth in Action Programme. The title of the project is: Back to the tradition with a smile to the future. The main aim was to provide an opportunity for oung people coming from different cultural, ethnic and social background to recognize the value of cultural and historical diversity and to get more information about it.
We travelled by plane via Vienna to Sofia, and then by bus that was provided by the organizers from the airport to Veliko Tarnovo.
Main activities: By the project we wanted to defend the thesis that the wealth of Europe is in its diversityand its protectors and promoters are young people because they are our future. The target group are young people between the ages of 13 and 16.
Each group showed its folk music, folk costumes and taught folk dance to the representatives of the other countries, and during the intercultural evening, gave a presentation of typical products of its country (e.g.: Pick sausage) that the others could taste.
Among the official programmes there were meetings with the mayor Veliko Tarnovo and the director of the employment office, during which we talked about problems concerning young people in connection with choice of career and finding a good job. We visited Arbanassi which place had found a great solution for unemployment, and that is tourism. The language that we used for work was English. The programmes were extremely well organized. The members of the Hungarian group really enjoyed the visit. We managed to form a good relationship with the other groups, especially with the Portuguese.
This exchange programme was fruitful and successful because it provided an opportunity for the youth to get to know each other’s culture, to make friends, and practise English.

Pásztó, 05.09.2012.
Emese Hajnal, leader of the Hungarian group

English Storytelling Contest - 2012
English Storytelling Contest - 2012

We had our English storytelling contest on March 28th this year.

There were 17 enthusiastic contestans who did their best in performing their stories. We could hear outstanding presentations. Some of the stories were funny and amusing while others were a bit more serious or touching so all participants and the audience had a great time and enjoyed this afternoon very much. There were some experienced, regular participants.
It was not easy for the jury to make their decisions about the prizes. The first prize was awarded to Rebeka Bakos, class 11.f. The second prize was given to Alexandra Assani, class 9.a and Dorina Tóth from class 11.f was awarded the third prize.

Congratulations to the prize winners and of course to all participants of the contest..

Márta Nádiné Nagy

English and German Translation Contest
Beszélni nehéz!

Szent Imre Christian Elementary School and Secondary Grammar School in Balassagyarmat has announced a translation contest, to which 16 students have sent their English translations and 19 students participated in the contest in German from our school.

Angelika Váradi has achieved second prize with her English translation, and Barbara Sándor has achieved third prize with her German translation. Both of them are the students of class 12.A

Congratulations to them and to their teachers: Emese Hajnal and Maria Szabó.

Halloween Day 2011
Halloween Day 2011

Before the autumn holidays we had a special halloween day at school in the English lessons. The students wore scary costumes and masks. They had also carved funny pumpkins and decorated the classrooms with Jack-o Lanterns, candles and halloween ’creatures’. Some students baked halloween cakes for Trick or Treating. We played games and had a lot of fun.

During the long break the Jack-O-Lantern Beauty contestants were given their prizes. There were 11 really funny and pretty models. The 1st prize for carving the ’prettiest’ pumpkin was given to Daniella Kakó class 12.b.The 2nd prize winner was Gergő Ternóczky class 9.a. The 3rd most beautiful pumpkin belonged to Lili Gajzinger class 10.b.

Congratulations to the prize winners and all contestants. :)

Jack-O-Lantern Beauty Contest
Jack-O-Lantern Beauty Contest

If you have a pretty pumpkin and you are creative enough this contest is for you.

Carve your pumpkin with your initials plus class in the back, put a candle inside and enter the contest.

Contest Time : 24th – 25th October

Happy Halloween
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